tmux and screen shortcuts

Action tmux screen start a new session  tmux ORtmux new ORtmux new-session  screen  re-attach a detached session  tmux attach ORtmux attach-session  screen-r  re-attach an attached session (detaching it from elsewhere)  tmux attach -d ORtmux attach-session -d  screen -dr  re-attach an attached session (keeping it attached elsewhere)  tmux attach ORtmux attach-session  screen -x  detach from currently attached session  ^b d OR^b :detach  […]

Install and Configure WordPress Under FreeBSD 11.0

Introduction WordPress is a popular open source content management system (CMS) that can be used to easily set up a blog. It is a very flexible system, through its plugin and template support, that allows users to extend its functionality to meet their specific needs; WordPress can be customized to support anything from a basic […]

Configure apache24, php70 and mysql57 on FreeBSD 11.0

1. Install and configure Apache 2.4 Let’s install Apache 2.4 first. You may do so by running the following command: pkg install apache24 On a brand-new system, you may get a message asking you to install the package management tool. If so, just enter “y” here because you will need this tool to complete the […]