I am a lover of life, avid learner and a passionate engineer. I like to think of myself as a stoic, trying to enjoy the basics of life to the fullest: the quality of a homecooked meal with good ingredients, a glass of excellent wine and a good book, or a hike through nature, a gentile reminder of the vastness of life compared to the smallness of human thought.

I am lucky to be able to say that engineering is both a profession as well as a passion. I began this passion in my youth, at first trying to create the weapons of medieval knights, bow and arrow, to then tinkering with my linux box and with maths and physics as a highschooler, and then, after graduating electrical engineering, working in industrial automation as a control specialist. 

Now i control an apparently different, albeit similar kind of beast, in the form of RPA development, which aims to automate repeatable tasks in found in all computer related tasks, as well as less routine tasks using machine learning capabilities!